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Dream Catchers, USA is a not-for-profit organization filed with IRS 501-c-(3) status, Federal Tax ID # 43-1860843. If need prior to a donation, you can E-mail Dream Catchers, USA for a copy of our 501(c)3 Certification. Our purpose is to help advance independence, productivity, and confidence of people with disabilities and the terminally ill. For these special people, Dream Catchers, USA will show that dreams and wishes can come true, non-discriminative of the type of disability, or their age, race, sex, or religion.

Simply stated, Dream Catchers, USA is a helping hand to allow special individuals to get out into the great outdoors, to live their dreams, and meet the challenges placed before them ...to live as full a life possible. These outdoor "dreams" will include fishing trips, hunting trips, shooting competitions, demonstrations, and other outdoor adventures.

Dream Catchers, USA is made up primarily of hunters, competitive shooters, fisherman, boaters, and outdoor sports people with area Reps. and sponsors all across the United States of America. No one receives pay for serving on the Board of Directors of this Organization. All Officers and Trustees are volunteers.

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